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Targeting Mobile Shoppers with Relevance
Tuesday, October 01, 2013 (Media Post)

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As more people use their phones to shop, there will be more opportunities to provide more relevant offers.


New research shows that substantially more smartphone owners (73%) are using their devices to research during the shopping process, an increase of more than double from the previous year (see Story).


In a bit of potentially good news for brick and mortar retailers, the Local study by the e-tailing group found that a majority (59%) of shoppers will purchase online and go to the store to get an item to skip online shipping charges.


While not a big advantage against online retailers offering free shipping, it does provide an opportunity to get a mobile shopper into the physical store, where most of them prefer to make a purchase.


This is yet another indication of the potential power of physical retailing in relation to mobile shopping behavior.


During all stages of the Mobile Shopping Life Cycle, consumers have the ability to tap into their mobile phones to find products and check pricing and availability based on where they are at the moment.


This is where those ping alert type apps come in, such as when a consumer is driving or walking by a store they receive an alert of relevance.


And that’s the key: it has to be a relevant deal.


This doesn’t mean only suggesting to a consumer a discount on an item that is pertinent, but rather providing that offer in relevant context.


For example, when someone is on a highway zipping by a nearby mall at 60 miles an hour, a targeted offer may not be so relevant, even if they opted in to receive them.


However, when that consumer has parked and is walking to the mall entrance, that same offer can be more relevant.


Research shows that consumers are willing and many want to receive offers and promotions from bands and merchants they prefer.


The opportunity is to get the right deal to the right mobile shopper at just the right time.

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