Build FANtastic Buzz For Your Business ?

Do you value referrals? How do you budget for more referral business? These days, people use social networks to do far more than chat with friends or business colleagues. They tap those networks for everything from a referral to a great dentist to recommendations for the best restaurant to take visiting in-laws. They're also referral engines for local businesses. Ready to put social media to work for your own business? Start with these tips!

1. Create fan landing pages. A fan page is essentially a mini website within Facebook. Lots of larger businesses are seeing great results with landing pages and you can tap the same benefits. You can use your page to promote special offers, call attention to new products, and give fans an easy way to post comments – especially testimonials and recommendations. When people "Like" your page, all their friends see your link. And when they click on that link, they not only see your business, but all those wonderful comments about you!

2. Make it easy to share praise and referrals. Be sure to include "SHARE" buttons on your website and social media landing pages. Word of mouth is so important – do all you can to make it easy for people to give their comments. Look for onsite ways to streamline sharing, too. One local restaurant owner, for example, "serves" a small pencil and note card along with dessert so that it's easy for customers to write down a few words of praise about the meal or the service.

3. Get "extra mileage" from praise. If you receive glowing reviews on your social media fan page, use those quotes in other places, too: on your website, in print materials, or even in your shop or office. Some local businesses even find that a great quote makes a great banner ad!



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