"Double Whammy" SEO Generates Hotter Leads

According to Marketing Sherpa research, 57% of businesses recognize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as very effective for driving traffic to a website. But web traffic isn't the same thing as sales, and that's why only 35% of those surveyed feel SEO is good for lead generation. But what if you could use "double whammy" SEO to create higher web traffic and convert a higher percentage of that traffic into actual leads? You can – and you can see results more quickly by not focusing your SEO efforts on your main website.

Instead, the first step is to create a stand-alone, targeted, website. Because your main website covers all your services and provides all kinds of pages, you often need multiple targeted pages in order to rank high in organic search results from certain words. If there's a lot of competition for your keyword, e.g., "attorney" or "plumbing," it gets even harder.

So, the secret is to pick a more specific keyword. Then, combine that keyword with a local word to create a highly targeted URL and a richly SEOed website. The site itself should contain a home page, about page, and a services page, with contact information. You can pick up information from your main page, but remember that it must be SEOed for the specific keyword focus of the new website.

The next step is to capture leads. You get the double whammy benefit by having SEO boost your online visibility and web traffic, and then having highly relevant content encourage visitors to engage with your site and your business. When visitors click on an action link (e.g., Email us, Sign up for our newsletter, Get a free quote) their contact information can be captured and entered automatically for use in your lead capture system.

The more you use SEO to target exactly where you appear in search results, the more qualified your search traffic will be. Plus, you not only bring in more of the right demographics, you also convert more of that traffic into leads by engaging them with relevant content, making it easy to take action such as signing up for a newsletter or getting a quote, and capturing their contact information.



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